Dreaming of a Wine Christmas

Christmas is just a few weeks away! Even though I’m really looking forward to eating myself senseless for Thanksgiving, I couldn’t wait to share this cute and SUPER easy idea with you!

I wandered into Dollar Tree (which is usually trouble in and of itself) and came across some really cute and shiny window clings. My next thought was literally “these would be so cute on a wine glass!”

And if you knew how insanely hectic the last few months have been, you wouldn’t question why every thought currently defaults to wine…

Snowflake Wine Glasses



  • wine glasses
  • snowflake window clings
  • hot glue gun, E6000 or other adhesive
  • scissors


  1. Wash and dry the glasses. You want to make sure that you start with a clean work surface. The clings come in varying sizes, so it’s easy to match them up to the size of your glass.
  2. Remove the window cling from its backing and adhere to the wine glass. It has a sticky backing and that’s great for helping to position it.
  3. Use the hot glue gun (or other adhesive) to attach the main branches to the glass. This step is important because the clings are made to adhere to a flat surface and the glass is round. Unless you’ve found some weirdly amazing square glasses that have been hidden from me…


4.  For the points that are still sticking out from the glass, use your scissors to trim a sliver out so that              the branch of the snowflake will lay flat against the glass. Glue into place.


It’s seriously that simple! Just a few steps and you have beautiful holiday glassware to use at all of your parties!


Just add a bottle of your favorite wine and some great company and you’re all set! Remember that when cleaning, make sure to hand wash them so that all of your (not too) hard work doesn’t disentigrate in the dishwasher.


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All American Summer

This is a sponsored post for Mirassou Winery

There are so many opportunities and reasons to celebrate the military and the freedoms that we are able to enjoy are due entirely to their service and the sacrifices they make. With Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Independence Day, and Patriot Day on the calendar, we celebrate and honor them throughout the summer. I recently teamed up with Mirassou Winery to throw a small gathering to welcome summer, to honor our military service members and to acknowledge that it’s a lot more than just a day off work. table16 For the decor of the table, I framed printables that I found at HMH Designs…they were kind enough to offer them for personal use here. table23


table6 Being from the South, cookouts are a big part of our summers and Memphis is the BBQ capital of the world! For our Memorial Day party, we chose the theme “Welcome to an All-American Summer” to celebrate the day with our family and friends. When hosting a cookout, the meat is the star! Our table consisted of side dishes and desserts to go with the main items. On the table: hot dogs, cole slaw, pita chips and hummus, s’mores, pasta, fruit trifle, strawberry cupcakes, and cheesecake; there was chicken, steak, bratwurst, and corn off the grills. table22









table7 In addition to the cookout, we hosted a small wine tasting featuring wines from Mirassou Winery. Everyone knows there’s nothing better than enjoying a glass of wine in the evening to end a blistering summer day! wine1 To do the tasting, we had a selection of four wines and tasting mats with pairing instructions, which make the whole process super easy! On the mats were food suggestions and taste profiles of each of the wines. Head over to their Facebook page to download your own wine tasting kit! wine7




wine30 To make the table runner, I printed out the flag with all of the states which I found at Southern Charm and the star I found by Pixabella. I simply printed out the quantity I needed and strung them together. In addition to the wine, we had bottle openers, wine glass charms, beads and the mats themselves as party favors for the guests. My favorite part of the package was the “Bright Tips for Home Entertaining” guide…I couldn’t wait to dive into the book! wine16 I love their recipe cards because Mirassou offers recipes that pair with their wines, as well as, recipes that use their wine as an ingredient…it’s a win-win! Find the recipes here. taste20

wine5 Whether you’re hosting a gathering for friends this summer or in honor of our national heroes, fire up the grill and grab some bottles of Mirassou and have the best summer yet!


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Styling and Display: Creating Awesomenessity!

Wine and gifts: Mirassou Winery

All-American Summer banner and food signs: Painting Paris Pink

Patriotic fabric garland: Lillypaul Designs

Red, white, and blue cupcake poms: Fizzy Party


Happy St. Patty’s Day!

It’s St. Patrick’s Day! The day that we wear green, try to kiss or get kissed, justify getting really drunk on a weekday, and go to war…

By war, I mean the seemingly never-ending assault from everyone! For me, this day has always been the day that I try to dodge the pinching fingers of folks who like to get into a little close-contact mischief. And all of that hard work deserves a little liquid refreshment at the end of the day…

A glass of wine usually suffices but keeping in tune with the holiday, I give you the Kiss of the Irish! 

Kiss of the Irish!

Kiss of the Irish!

This wine mixer is super simple and only has two ingredients: Mirassou Moscato wine and DeKuyper‘s Sour Apple Pucker.  It can be made to your particular taste and even the manliest of men can get down with this one…

I found through drinking a bit of it trial and error that it’s a little easier on the palette if you chill the pucker well. 

1. Pour the pucker into your glass, in the volume that suits you. I used a regular drinking glass, instead of a wine glass, so I poured enough to fill it 1/3 of the way.

Pucker first...about 1/3 of the cup

Pucker first…about 1/3 of the glass

2. Top off with the Moscato. I used the Mirassou brand…the floral notes in this wine really balanced the sour apple well. I’ve never been one to like a strong taste of alcohol, so I prefer fruity wines, and this one is perfect 🙂

top off with the wine to your taste

top off with the wine to your taste

So for two steps and minimal cost, you can have the Kiss of the Irish too! Locally in Memphis, the wine (and pucker) can be found at Buster’s Wines and Liquor at 191 S. Highland. 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day…Pucker Up!

Kiss of the Irish

Kiss of the Irish


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Wining Down 2013

It’s almost here…the end of 2013! The New Year is on the horizon and I’m looking forward to it! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the ups of this year and have (hopefully) learned from the downs that it had to teach me.

We managed to get ourselves into hosting a no-themed NYE party, as my cousin is calling it, and are having a few close friends over to just celebrate, bond, and reflect over the past 12 months. We may do another wine tasting table and I just wanted to share some quick ideas with you, if you decide you’d like to add one to your party too!

Earlier in the month, I did a NYE themed shoot…well before the date so that it could be shared with others in time to actually prepare for the evening. If you missed the post, you may find the full party over at Whimsically Detailed or here.


What I did was super easy and super affordable! We had wines from Mirassou Winery, the Sunset Red and Moscato, and I picked simple items with which to pair them. The wines average $10 per bottle and you can pick up as many or as few as you’d like. We had a small party, so 3 bottles of each wine were plenty for us, and in the dispensers, I had non-alcoholic punch and water for additional liquid refreshment options.


To pair with and bring out the flavors of the wines, I chose pepperoni pizza and sliced chicken sliders. And cubed cheese. Nothing complicated or time consuming at all, this is so quick and easy! I bought a small pizza from the grocery store, baked it, cut it into sample sizes, and served. If you don’t feel like cooking, there is probably a pizza restaurant within 3 miles of you who would be happy to help you out! Want to make it fancy? Cut it into smaller pieces!

We also had sliced chicken sliders. Rolls from the grocery freezer, baked, filled with sliced chicken breasts, and topped with shredded cheese. It’s all fancy over here! Check out the earlier blog post for other ideas that were incorporated into our party which included the dessert station and popcorn bar.


If you want to go all out, Mirassou has all of the tools that you may use to make it happen! You can go to their Facebook page for ideas or go to their website for different wine-infused recipes to pair with the wine(s) of your choice! They even have this really cool tool that will walk you through the pairing, so if you’ve already set your menu, you can just pick the food and the seasoning you used and it will give you recommendations on which wine to use! Check it out here.

I hope that you have a wonderful New Year and that 2014 brings you joy and prosperity! Have a safe NYE and if you are drinking, crash at a friend’s place or use a designated driver…if you are the designated driver, grab a bottle of Mirassou wine to enjoy later 🙂

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It’s A New Year…Time For A New Me!

The end is near!

2014 is just around the corner and I’m ready for all of the things that the next year has in store for us, personally and professionally. So many doors have opened and opportunities have presented themselves this year, I’m so incredibly optimistic for the next year…and the years beyond.

My friends and I have been through a lot this year…good and bad, full of lessons and adventures. So to celebrate the freshness of a new year, we had a New Year’s Eve party with the theme “New Year, New Me 2014” and it was one of the most jovial nights I’ve enjoyed in a long time.

I absolutely have to use the word “jovial” because we laughed, long and hard, for about 2 hours straight with all of the stories that we told each other. Maybe animated, facetious, or jocund? Yeah, I had to look those up…

Hosting an intimate NYE event is not really that hard. Especially for me…I’d much rather spend an evening with family and friends than be out partying it up in the streets.

A homebody event planner. Go figure.

The decor and colors of the shower were based on a set of party printables that I won in a giveaway from Cupcake With Character. I love bright colors and was excited about incorporating the color scheme. It wasn’t the usual print that is usually associated with a NYE party and I was totally OK with that. So I picked the traditional black and gold, for timeless elegance, and the not-so-traditional, hot pink and turquoise, for spunky fun!

My husband said it looked like two parties hanging out together.

For our party, we centered it around a wine tasting. We had a delicious stash from Mirassou Winery. The 2 wines we enjoyed were the Sunset Red and Moscato. To accompany the wines, we snacked on pepperoni pizza, Teriyaki chicken sliders, and Colby jack and cheddar cheese. For the one friend in attendance who didn’t actually drink, we had punch and water; the recipe was one that I’d previously used at a baby shower and was a big hit. We also had tulle poms/swizzle sticks provided by Fizzy Party and they are so much fun to have in your glass!





The dining table set up was of hot pink and turquoise plates, with black napkins and champagne-colored bands. Each place setting consisted of a personalized goblet, filled with Rolos and almond Hershey’s kisses, as well as an inspirational keepsake. The table scape was a gold sequin runner that was centered in the table, and dressed up with recycled wine bottles spray painted gold and trimmed in turquoise glitter ribbon. The flowers were left over from another event and the gold sprays I found for $1 at Michaels.








The dessert table was (obviously) our (my) favorite party of the party. The printables got to strut their stuff on the dessert table. The banner was customized for our theme and hung with gold glitter ribbon against a black backdrop. The sweet stuff on the table was a simple menu of fresh strawberries with cream cheese dip, jumbo white chocolate  s’mores, wedding cake cupcakes, and a popcorn bar.






The popcorn came from Sweet Noshings, which is a local candy store/popcorn corner/coffee bar.


It is The. Best.

We got to nosh on Peanut Butter and Chocolate, Honey Butter, Cherry, and Spicy White Cheddar and Cheddar Cheese mix varieties of popcorn. The other element on the table was a gift box for all of the guests. The gift boxes contained a bunch of goodies from Mirassou and included a over a dozen different recipes (which can be made with the various Mirassou wines,) a wine charm, a stemless wine glass, and a brochure about the fabulous winery.


The gift boxes were also personalized with each guests’ name. They were tied with white and gold twine, and held a countdown clock cookie, made by the awesome Jess Add Sprinkles, and a tag I created, which said “It’s time for a new you!” All of the ladies were impressed with her art…they didn’t know it was a cookie, and they loved it!



We also had some fantabulous cookies that Kima’s Konfections sent to the party, but they didn’t get to be on the table because of the ice storm that we had. And by ice storm, I mean that we got 1/4″ of ice and the city shut down. Even though they didn’t make it to the shindig, I was still able to get them to the guests. I mean, how could this beauty not be shared with them?!?


We also had a photo booth set up and staged it with a huge 36″ balloon from Party On! Designs. Again, Icemageddon 2013 prevented us from getting helium, so hubby volunteered to blow it  up. I told him how big it should be and he did as I asked, which freaked me out. I have a phobia of popping balloons and the bigger it got, the more I tried to run away. But it looked incredible with the party and decor! I used gold spray paint and painted “2014” on it and a few of us took pictures with the “globe.”




All in all, we had a great time 🙂 The weather outside was frightful, but my friends were so delightful!

This party is perfect for throwing an intimate NYE gathering or just a girls night in. Very budget friendly, the wines run under $10 a bottle, and taste wonderful!

If you want to opt for something sans alcohol, think spa night, movie night, or even a game night! We brought in 2012 with a Wii party with our friends and it was a blast!

Celebrate life! Cheers to a New You and a Joyous and Prosperous New Year!


Concept and Styling: Creating Awesomenessity!

Printable Collection: Cupcake With Character

Recipe Cards and Gifts: Mirassou Winery

Clock Cookies: Jess Add Sprinkles

2014 Cookies: Kima’s Konfections

Tulle Poms: Fizzy Party

36″ Balloon: Party On! Designs

Gourmet Popcorn: Sweet Noshings

Photography: Lyndsi Metz Photography

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