All American Summer

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There are so many opportunities and reasons to celebrate the military and the freedoms that we are able to enjoy are due entirely to their service and the sacrifices they make. With Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Independence Day, and Patriot Day on the calendar, we celebrate and honor them throughout the summer. I recently teamed up with Mirassou Winery to throw a small gathering to welcome summer, to honor our military service members and to acknowledge that it’s a lot more than just a day off work. table16 For the decor of the table, I framed printables that I found at HMH Designs…they were kind enough to offer them for personal use here. table23


table6 Being from the South, cookouts are a big part of our summers and Memphis is the BBQ capital of the world! For our Memorial Day party, we chose the theme “Welcome to an All-American Summer” to celebrate the day with our family and friends. When hosting a cookout, the meat is the star! Our table consisted of side dishes and desserts to go with the main items. On the table: hot dogs, cole slaw, pita chips and hummus, s’mores, pasta, fruit trifle, strawberry cupcakes, and cheesecake; there was chicken, steak, bratwurst, and corn off the grills. table22









table7 In addition to the cookout, we hosted a small wine tasting featuring wines from Mirassou Winery. Everyone knows there’s nothing better than enjoying a glass of wine in the evening to end a blistering summer day! wine1 To do the tasting, we had a selection of four wines and tasting mats with pairing instructions, which make the whole process super easy! On the mats were food suggestions and taste profiles of each of the wines. Head over to their Facebook page to download your own wine tasting kit! wine7




wine30 To make the table runner, I printed out the flag with all of the states which I found at Southern Charm and the star I found by Pixabella. I simply printed out the quantity I needed and strung them together. In addition to the wine, we had bottle openers, wine glass charms, beads and the mats themselves as party favors for the guests. My favorite part of the package was the “Bright Tips for Home Entertaining” guide…I couldn’t wait to dive into the book! wine16 I love their recipe cards because Mirassou offers recipes that pair with their wines, as well as, recipes that use their wine as an ingredient…it’s a win-win! Find the recipes here. taste20

wine5 Whether you’re hosting a gathering for friends this summer or in honor of our national heroes, fire up the grill and grab some bottles of Mirassou and have the best summer yet!


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Styling and Display: Creating Awesomenessity!

Wine and gifts: Mirassou Winery

All-American Summer banner and food signs: Painting Paris Pink

Patriotic fabric garland: Lillypaul Designs

Red, white, and blue cupcake poms: Fizzy Party



Chocolate Wasted: The S’mores Chronicles

So summer is officially in full swing and that means it’s s’mores time!

To be honest, I’ve never liked s’mores because I’ve never really been a fan of marshmallows. I tried when I was younger in Girl Scouts and it was a no-go. I used to roast my friends’ marshmallows for them, mostly because I like to set things on fire and burn my food to a crisp. Drove my mom nuts, but that’s a different story…

So anyway, I told my hubby that I didn’t like s’mores, to which he replies, “You should make one with Snickers!” Yeah…pretty much when he says “You should…” it’s the equivalent of a triple dog dare. Consider it done!

I finally went to the store and got all of my supplies.

home alone...chocolate wasted in 5, 4, 3, 2...

home alone…chocolate wasted in 5, 4, 3, 2…

I ended up picking up the jumbo marshmallows because they were on sale, but for someone who doesn’t like marshmallows, I probably should have thought that through a little more *shrugs* but I suppose I can learn how to make marshmallow fondant 🙂 But because they were so large, I had to cut them in half.


I made four separate s’mores and commenced the taste testing. So much marshmallow to burn. I think that torching marshmallows may be against the rules of conduct, but I really do like the taste of burnt food. I know I have a problem.

burn, baby burn...don't judge me...

burn, baby burn…don’t judge me…

This is just ridiculous. There is warm, chocolate dripping everywhere. It. Is. The. Best.


The verdict? I think I’d have to say the Mr. Goodbar was my favorite, followed very closely by the Simply Caramel Milky Way. Whatever you decide, one can never go wrong with chocolate!

I hope you enjoy my little twist on the classic s’more 🙂 Try one (or all) of them, and let me know which is your fave!

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