Chocolate Wasted: The S’mores Chronicles

So summer is officially in full swing and that means it’s s’mores time!

To be honest, I’ve never liked s’mores because I’ve never really been a fan of marshmallows. I tried when I was younger in Girl Scouts and it was a no-go. I used to roast my friends’ marshmallows for them, mostly because I like to set things on fire and burn my food to a crisp. Drove my mom nuts, but that’s a different story…

So anyway, I told my hubby that I didn’t like s’mores, to which he replies, “You should make one with Snickers!” Yeah…pretty much when he says “You should…” it’s the equivalent of a triple dog dare. Consider it done!

I finally went to the store and got all of my supplies.

home alone...chocolate wasted in 5, 4, 3, 2...

home alone…chocolate wasted in 5, 4, 3, 2…

I ended up picking up the jumbo marshmallows because they were on sale, but for someone who doesn’t like marshmallows, I probably should have thought that through a little more *shrugs* but I suppose I can learn how to make marshmallow fondant 🙂 But because they were so large, I had to cut them in half.


I made four separate s’mores and commenced the taste testing. So much marshmallow to burn. I think that torching marshmallows may be against the rules of conduct, but I really do like the taste of burnt food. I know I have a problem.

burn, baby burn...don't judge me...

burn, baby burn…don’t judge me…

This is just ridiculous. There is warm, chocolate dripping everywhere. It. Is. The. Best.


The verdict? I think I’d have to say the Mr. Goodbar was my favorite, followed very closely by the Simply Caramel Milky Way. Whatever you decide, one can never go wrong with chocolate!

I hope you enjoy my little twist on the classic s’more 🙂 Try one (or all) of them, and let me know which is your fave!

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