Making Dipped Christmas Cookies

Christmas is approaching swiftly!

We had a holiday party at the taekwondo school last weekend and I was supposed to make cupcakes. I was so physically exhausted that I could not stay up long enough to make them 😦 What I did do, was opt for a quicker, and easier, sweet option…

Dipped cookies!

While this seemed to be an easy task to me, some of my friends had either never heard of the techinique or thought it to be really complicated. I promise, it’s super easy! So if you have a holiday party coming up or need a last minute idea for dessert to take to a family dinner, check this out:

1. I went to the store and bought 2 bags of Chips Ahoy cookies. You can pretty much use any cookie you like, these were just ones I picked up because they were on sale 🙂


2. Melt your chocolate or candy melts. I use a double broiler for the chocolate. If you’re using the candy melts, you can use a double broiler, but you can also use a bowl or other microwave safe container to melt them; follow packaging instuctions.

3. Dip your cookie in the chocolate (or candy melts.) There’s no real rhyme or reason to this step, just dip them in as much or as little chocolate as you like 🙂


4. Place them on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. The wax paper will make it easier to remove the cookies when they’re ready to come out of the freezer. Decorate with sprinkles, jimmies, nuts, whatever. Do it at this stage so that they will be set in the chocolate. I mixed my red and green sprinkles in a bowl together so I wouldn’t have to do double duty trying to sprinkle them on individually.


5. Freeze the cookies for 5 min. This will allow the chocolate to set. Remove from the sheets.

6. Package and deliver! If you’re going to store them in the refrigerator, make sure that you use cellophane or plastic packaging. If you don’t, the chocolate will sweat and then everything will be sticky and gross. Chocolate and water don’t like each other so much :/


These are quick, fun, and easy for a holiday party…or any other event! You can make them in any color to fit any theme 🙂

I hope that you have a happy a safe holiday season!

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A Pretty Wicked Halloween

I just wanted to share with you a quick dessert table that I put together for Halloween! It can seem like a daunting task to come up with some ideas to make a dessert table, but it’s not so bad. You don’t have to have matching sets of anything and can feel free to use scraps and tidbits that you have around the house to pull of something pretty wicked!


The heroes in this story are Dollar Tree and Target…seriously, most of the stuff on this table cost $1 or less.


The menu consisted of:

  • Poisoned Apples (apples)
  • Corrupted Cake Pops (cake balls in chocolate)
  • Skulls and Cobweb Cupcakes (wedding cake flavored cupcakes with vanilla icing)
  • Vampire’s Elixir and a Sweet Stake Through the Heart (red drink of choice and chocolate hearts on candy a candy apple stick)





Dollar Tree goblet colored with a silver Sharpie!


The decor came from the $ section at Target and Dollar tree. I got the spider web from Zulily a while back. The banner was made by making a pennant in Publisher and then cutting that out and putting purple chevron paper behind it for a little color. It was connected and strung with simple purple ribbon. The snakes were purchased at Dollar Tree and spray painted silver. The sparkly spiders came from the holiday section at Kroger and came out to be about 33 cents each. It drives my husband nuts, but I look for deals everywhere we go! He doesn’t even try to keep up with me anymore. If I ever wander off, he knows where to find me… The skull was at the Dollar Tree…I just spray painted it, added some jewels I had laying around and voila! Blinged out bones!




For the other elements, florals etc., it was stuff I had laying around the house; the big dahlia was from our wedding stash from 2 years ago; I originally purchased it from Afloral and they have some beautiful selections for every occasion.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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After Turkey Day

So we survived the holidays. Black  Friday came and went with few casualties. I don’t say that lightly as in the past few years, the day after we give thanks for what we have, people have resorted to violence in a desperate attempt to acquire what they have not…

The hubby and I were celebrating our 1 year anniversary over the Thanksgiving break and, by either coincidence or divine design, we were still able to spend the holiday with most of my immediate family. Honestly, it turned out to be really nice. As we prepared to come home, we both thought about all of the things that faced us when we got back to the city…demanding jobs, obligations and the returning to cramming 27 hours worth of things to do into 18 hours of consciousness. Just the norm around these parts. And in the midst of the mayhem and the memories of vacation,

When you think about all of the negative around you, remember YOU’RE ALIVE! That’s something that a lot of people were denied this morning. I am thankful for the sore throat, bursitis in the hip, asthma and sinus issues. Yes it’s uncomfortable, but the alternative could be death and I’m happy to keep popping the ibuprofen and huffing the inhaler. I’m sincerely thankful just to be above ground.

If you hate your job, remember to be thankful that you have one…if it serves only to pay down the pile of bills on your desk; you have the ability to make a payment. We’re working toward becoming debt free, but the journey would be much harder without any source of income.

As I’ve said before, there’s ALWAYS a silver lining. It may be a little tarnished in the middle of the situation, but it’s there. As we leave Thanksgiving behind, we should always remember to give thanks in everything that we have and do. Saying thank you to God and each other should be a daily occurrence, not reserved for a few moments around the dinner table.

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