‘Tis the Season(s)

I often wander into Whole Foods and peruse the aisles of down-to-earth, good-for-you products with their wholesome ingredients. The expansive variety of ready-to-eat items on the hot bar. The mingling of the kindred tree huggers…those of us who love to put good into our bodies and do good by Mother Earth.

I always get pizza and 2 cookies. It’s kind of like when I have Mexican. Three crunchy tacos; there’s really no point in looking at the menu. But, I digress…

But did you know that there was magic happening over in the seasoning section?

2014-12-12 21.08.38

I used to have this thing with always wanting one of those gourmet seasoning sets, but I didn’t particularly care for the one-flavor-fits-all packaging. There were always one or two seasonings that I really wanted to try, but didn’t want to waste money on the ones I didn’t think I’d want. Randomly, I found out that you can totally make your own seasoning set at Whole Foods!

2014-12-12 21.07.34

I know right!

So basically, it works like this:

1. Find a super cute container to put your seasoning into. This step is especially important if you’re giving this as a house warming gift… *hint, hint, wink, wink* And bring a mini funnel, if you have one. In retrospect, that would have been helpful…

2014-12-12 20.36.44

2. Take the containers to the counter to have them weighed. When you go to pay for the seasonings, they have to weigh the containers individually and this will ensure you don’t pay double for the container that you brought into the store. Think back to the science experiments in undergrad where you had to weigh each chemical so you didn’t mess up the whole assignment…

2014-12-12 21.00.49

3. Select your seasonings and fill your containers. The best part of being able to make your own seasoning gift set is that it can be super personalized for the lucky recipient!

2014-12-12 21.07.50

2014-12-12 21.03.09

4. Checkout! The best part of this whole deal is that you get to sample some spices without breaking your budget. I think I love that part the most 🙂

2014-12-12 21.15.08

I decided to go with Orange Chipotle, Rosemary, Aegean and Yakima Applewood, Smoked Sea Salts. ‘Tis the seasons indeed!

2014-12-19 02.08.08

Does it sound good to you? Let me know in the comments for a chance to use these delicious seasonings in your next dish!

Make It Awesome!


Day 4 of 7 Days

I think it’s amazing that my husband puts up with me sometimes. I’m pretty sure I amuse him thoroughly.

So for Day 4, I wanted to let him know that I think he’s kind of amazing too. So I told him…


This is the inspiration for the day and the gift…


My hubby has a very analytic mind and I thought he would enjoy figuring out the puzzle to get his gift; it’s a iTunes gift card.

What you can’t see is where I broke the stupid thing trying to get the card in there. It came with instructions that said to simply lift the back off, slide the card inside, close, and present to the recipient. It should have come with a warning that said “may close in transportation.” I couldn’t “simply lift the back off” to save my life and thought I surely couldn’t wuss out over a child’s toy! So, I basically Hulked out and cracked the back of it. And still couldn’t get the friggin’ thing open! I had to actually solve the puzzle to get the card into it.  I guess it’s a testament to its strength though, as I was still able to give it to him, in only a little less than perfect condition.

So anyway, the guy’s amazing and I’m a funny sort…

Make It Awesome!