Dreaming of a Wine Christmas

Christmas is just a few weeks away! Even though I’m really looking forward to eating myself senseless for Thanksgiving, I couldn’t wait to share this cute and SUPER easy idea with you!

I wandered into Dollar Tree (which is usually trouble in and of itself) and came across some really cute and shiny window clings. My next thought was literally “these would be so cute on a wine glass!”

And if you knew how insanely hectic the last few months have been, you wouldn’t question why every thought currently defaults to wine…

Snowflake Wine Glasses



  • wine glasses
  • snowflake window clings
  • hot glue gun, E6000 or other adhesive
  • scissors


  1. Wash and dry the glasses. You want to make sure that you start with a clean work surface. The clings come in varying sizes, so it’s easy to match them up to the size of your glass.
  2. Remove the window cling from its backing and adhere to the wine glass. It has a sticky backing and that’s great for helping to position it.
  3. Use the hot glue gun (or other adhesive) to attach the main branches to the glass. This step is important because the clings are made to adhere to a flat surface and the glass is round. Unless you’ve found some weirdly amazing square glasses that have been hidden from me…


4.  For the points that are still sticking out from the glass, use your scissors to trim a sliver out so that              the branch of the snowflake will lay flat against the glass. Glue into place.


It’s seriously that simple! Just a few steps and you have beautiful holiday glassware to use at all of your parties!


Just add a bottle of your favorite wine and some great company and you’re all set! Remember that when cleaning, make sure to hand wash them so that all of your (not too) hard work doesn’t disentigrate in the dishwasher.


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A Pretty Wicked Halloween

I just wanted to share with you a quick dessert table that I put together for Halloween! It can seem like a daunting task to come up with some ideas to make a dessert table, but it’s not so bad. You don’t have to have matching sets of anything and can feel free to use scraps and tidbits that you have around the house to pull of something pretty wicked!


The heroes in this story are Dollar Tree and Target…seriously, most of the stuff on this table cost $1 or less.


The menu consisted of:

  • Poisoned Apples (apples)
  • Corrupted Cake Pops (cake balls in chocolate)
  • Skulls and Cobweb Cupcakes (wedding cake flavored cupcakes with vanilla icing)
  • Vampire’s Elixir and a Sweet Stake Through the Heart (red drink of choice and chocolate hearts on candy a candy apple stick)





Dollar Tree goblet colored with a silver Sharpie!


The decor came from the $ section at Target and Dollar tree. I got the spider web from Zulily a while back. The banner was made by making a pennant in Publisher and then cutting that out and putting purple chevron paper behind it for a little color. It was connected and strung with simple purple ribbon. The snakes were purchased at Dollar Tree and spray painted silver. The sparkly spiders came from the holiday section at Kroger and came out to be about 33 cents each. It drives my husband nuts, but I look for deals everywhere we go! He doesn’t even try to keep up with me anymore. If I ever wander off, he knows where to find me… The skull was at the Dollar Tree…I just spray painted it, added some jewels I had laying around and voila! Blinged out bones!




For the other elements, florals etc., it was stuff I had laying around the house; the big dahlia was from our wedding stash from 2 years ago; I originally purchased it from Afloral and they have some beautiful selections for every occasion.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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Independence Day Decor

July 4th is like…tomorrow!

Did you wait until the last minute to figure out decorations (like I usually do?) If so, I’ve got a quick and easy centerpiece for you to make. And the cost?


Yep…$5. Less if you already have some of the items laying around the house!

This is the centerpiece that I made for my Operation Shower event last weekend:


These are the supplies you need to make it happen:

  • mini red and blue metal buckets (from Target) – $1 each
  • small flags, set of 3 (from Target) – $1
  • red and white ribbon (from Michael’s) – about $1 with coupon
  • white roses (from Dollar Tree) – on hand from a prior project, otherwise $1
  • stones or clear marbles (from Dollar Tree) – on hand from a prior project, otherwise $1
  • hot glue gun and sticks
  • patience and caution…they mean it when they say “hot glue”


  • use the glue gun and line the bottom of one of the buckets with glue
  • put the other bucket on, end to end, let cool/dry
  • measure and cut a piece of ribbon, to hide the seams where the buckets meet, and glue on. Be careful with your fingers!
  • put the stones in the top side. Since these are open buckets, they’re interchangeable in how you want the colors to flow. Some of mine were red/blue and others were blue/red, to coordinate with the place settings on the tables. Adding the stones will weigh the centerpiece down and anchor the flowers and flags in place
  • place the flowers and flags in the stones

There you have it! Very quick and easy…and best of all, inexpensive! If you still need additional ideas for desserts and decor to make, check out my Pinterest board 🙂

This centerpiece can be used with any color combination and by using hot glue, you can take them apart to reuse the containers for another project!

Enjoy and Happy 4th of July!

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