About Us

We love to have fun, live life, meet new people and be a blessing and source of support for as many people as we are able!

This company was born out of a love for crafting and the creativity utilized during the planning process for our own wedding in November 2011. Along with the excitement of planning a huge and fabulous wedding (in just four short months!) came the reality that we had to do everything on a budget.  Because our venue cost more than we originally planned to spend, we had to save money in every other aspect of our planning  That is where creativity, resourcefulness and budgeting skills came in handy! Event  planning in itself can be a stressful process; whether entering into marriage or planning a  party, it should not cost an arm and a leg on top of that stress! The goal is simply to help save as much money as feasibly possible, while ensuring that you have a spectacular and unique event. Those memories and experiences should not be sacrificed because of costs.

Why should you choose to work with me? There are certain skills that every event planner should have to make your event all that you hope it will be:

  • Communication: I love to talk! My friends say that I’m a great listener (and friend!) This event is about you and the things that you would like and I will work throughout the process, from planning to execution, to ensure you’re happy with decisions made and can enjoy your day to the fullest!
  • Attention to Detail: The big and little details are what get and keep people talking about your event! Making sure that everything is in place and taken care of in a timely fashion is so important. When planning an event, I’m very into the details, so much to the point that I can be a little obsessive with making sure things are just right.
  • Creativity: When it comes to creativity, I am proud to say that I think outside of the box as much as  possible. From finding inspiration in the clearance bin to something that I see being worn, everything around me has the potential to inspire something fabulous!
  • Organization: Be it an organized mess or multi-colored file folders, I am a very organized individual. Anyone can say that they are organized, but you should know that my clothes and socks are arranged in drawers by colors and on hangers facing the same direction.
  • Resourcefulness and Money Management Skills: This is the concept behind the business…researching, wheeling-and-dealing to find the items you need at the best prices possible!




Katherine is a serious “hugger” and will hug pretty much anyone she meets. She  loves to eat and the quickest way to her heart is surely through her stomach. She is the creative mind behind the team. She is an incredibly visual person, loves colors, discovering how things work, building things with her own hands. She is very easily distracted by shiny objects… Fun for Katherine includes traveling the world, scuba diving, eating, going to the movies, kicking butt on Michael Jackson: The Experience® and Just Dance® (s) on the Wii® and hosting parties!







Jermaine is the brains and financial wiz behind this husband and wife team. He’s the Business Manager and works hard (sometimes in vain) to keep his other half from buying everything pretty in sight. Jermaine is the better dancer of the duo and loves life just as much. In his professional life, he masquerades as an Engineer by day and multiple ministry leader every other moment of the day. His looks may be deceiving, but he is certainly the more laid-back member of this team!



Join us to make this the event of your dreams and together we will be …


4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I think you are awesome and I am so proud of you for moving forward on what you feel God has blessed you to do. I hope to be like you someday soon. 🙂

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