Circles and Squares

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write and I hate that. The business is taking off and while I’m incredibly grateful, it means that some things have been pushed aside.

Time management is a skill I’m still honing.

But anywho, I found this mug while party shopping last weekend and had to have it. It’s a quote mug but it resonated with me. I needed it for myself…


I’ve felt boxed in for quite some time now. Feeling like I’m not living and working in my purpose and life is just too short for that.

If there is something that you know you should be doing, step out on faith and make it happen. Like my friend told me…over a year ago…sometimes you need to let go of the boat and step out onto the water. Keep your eyes on the one who has all things in His hand and it’ll be ok.

As I continue to hold onto to the railing, I’m speaking to myself as well. Don’t be boxed in by your circumstances and don’t let your fears and doubts keep you going in circles.

Shape your own life!

Make It Awesome!

2 thoughts on “Circles and Squares

  1. Amen! Amen! amen! This is so the space that I am in life right now! I am happy that you are walking in your purpose.. Oprah made a statement some time ago, she was like when you do things, do them well… People notice greatness.. You are greatness my friend! You make me smile!

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