We’re All Going Back to School!

So, I’ve been seeing these awesome first day of school printables everywhere…

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check this out:


See, this cutie belongs to someone over at Bombshell Bling.

Swish Printables has some free BTS signs over on her blog.

Sunny by Design designed some classic BTS goodies too.

And then Dime Party Diva goes and makes these amazing First Day of School chalkboard posters!

But I’m a little jealous. I don’t have any kids to dress up and give one of these signs to. My mom wasn’t crafty like that when I was growing up.

No pictures on the first day of school. Just a hug and the repeated command to keep my brothers out of trouble.

Might I add, that was an impossible mission, but nevertheless…

So as I sat in my office (that I’ve been in the entire summer) I thought, ya know…I want one of those signs.


Stop judging me.

Everyone gets to enjoy their first day of school and I’ve had SO many of them…


Yes, I have been here for 9 years! My friend was taking these pictures of me and cracking up laughing. But you have to join in and have fun while you can. So on August 25th, I will celebrate my 9th First Day of College!

Then I made some more because I figured I probably wasn’t the only person coveting these milestone signs…

So, for all you educators out there, I present the Educator’s First Days of School!




Head over and download the file. It has a sign for every year and if you’re feeling a little randy, give some to your teacher friends and make them join in on the laughs.

And if you’re making a career out of teaching, feel free to laminate the printable so that you can update it every year!

The artwork isn’t my original creation, but the funny is, so please keep these for personal use only 🙂

Have a wonderful school year and Make It Awesome!



13 thoughts on “We’re All Going Back to School!

  1. Oh this is the cutest thing ever! You clearly deserve to have your very own sign! 🙂 Thanks for sharing them they are so cute!

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