A Winner is Brewing

Good morning!!

I hope you’re having a great day…I finished my coffee not long ago, so the world around me is a little more secure on this dreary Monday morning 🙂

I just wanted to write a quick post and let you know about a giveaway getting ready to launch over at Cupcake With Character. It’s called a Bake and Brew Giveaway! The winner will take home:

  1. A chrome Kitchenaid Mixer,
  2. A Keurig coffee maker, and
  3. Mindy Cone‘s newest book, Party Food for Girls!

I can’t wait to enter. A girl can never have too many Kitchenaid mixers…


Cupcake With Character is still looking for a few more sponsors to enter. The giveaways she hosts usually hit a minimum of 70K entries and that’s where it pays off for you! A $25 sponsor fee will get exposure to you and your blog/business/shop from new fans all over the world.

One of my most supportive clients and repeat customers came from someone seeing that their friend liked my page through a giveaway and she’s been around, shopping and supporting,  for a year ❤

This sponsorship is not limited to event planners.  If you are trying to grow:

  • Facebook,
  • Pinterest,
  • Google+,
  • Email subscriptions,
  • Blog following,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Twitter, and/or
  • Instagram,

Then this is the opportunity for you! Get in while the getting’s good!

Sign up HERE!

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