A Pretty Wicked Halloween

I just wanted to share with you a quick dessert table that I put together for Halloween! It can seem like a daunting task to come up with some ideas to make a dessert table, but it’s not so bad. You don’t have to have matching sets of anything and can feel free to use scraps and tidbits that you have around the house to pull of something pretty wicked!


The heroes in this story are Dollar Tree and Target…seriously, most of the stuff on this table cost $1 or less.


The menu consisted of:

  • Poisoned Apples (apples)
  • Corrupted Cake Pops (cake balls in chocolate)
  • Skulls and Cobweb Cupcakes (wedding cake flavored cupcakes with vanilla icing)
  • Vampire’s Elixir and a Sweet Stake Through the Heart (red drink of choice and chocolate hearts on candy a candy apple stick)





Dollar Tree goblet colored with a silver Sharpie!


The decor came from the $ section at Target and Dollar tree. I got the spider web from Zulily a while back. The banner was made by making a pennant in Publisher and then cutting that out and putting purple chevron paper behind it for a little color. It was connected and strung with simple purple ribbon. The snakes were purchased at Dollar Tree and spray painted silver. The sparkly spiders came from the holiday section at Kroger and came out to be about 33 cents each. It drives my husband nuts, but I look for deals everywhere we go! He doesn’t even try to keep up with me anymore. If I ever wander off, he knows where to find me… The skull was at the Dollar Tree…I just spray painted it, added some jewels I had laying around and voila! Blinged out bones!




For the other elements, florals etc., it was stuff I had laying around the house; the big dahlia was from our wedding stash from 2 years ago; I originally purchased it from Afloral and they have some beautiful selections for every occasion.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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Groovin’ for a Great Cause

I’ve been fairly quiet lately…busy with projects and wonderful opportunities that have presented themselves, and I’m experiencing a wide range of emotions…exhilaration, terror, anxiety, pure joy. A myriad of emotions in response to the things that I’ve hoped for and wanted to do with my business. The most prevalent emotion, though, has been gratitude.

I was recently including in a fundraising effort for Operation Shower. If you’re new to the blog, this is a non-profit organization which I’ve become very active in supporting. Please read here to find the reason I support them and also check out the last supportive effort that I gave for the organization.

As varied the range of emotions that I have, I know they will never compare to the range of emotions experienced by the wives and families of our soldiers when they have to deal with the stress and duty of deployments…stress and anxieties only magnified when when mom is pregnant.

Operation Shower throws baby showers for expectant moms and their families in a sincere attempt to help ease the burden of deployment on families, to help provide them with the items and support they need as they welcome the new additions to their families.

The fundraiser that we are hosting is called Party. Support. Love. Dance!

psld logo

The mister thought of it…he loves to dance and he’s really amazing at it…so we’re hosting a super line dance party. We have a fundraising goal of $2000, and just as important as the money, we’re working to raise awareness of this organization to help support our military families.

It will be held on November 18th and we’re going to have instructors teaching Chicago style line dancing, Country line dancing, Salsa, and Swing. There are going to be tons of prizes and giveaways, as well as food and refreshments.

If you’re in the Memphis/Mid-South area, we’d love for you to come out and party with us! The tickets are $15 each and have to be purchased ahead of time (location will be on the ticket.) If you’re not local, you may contribute online. The website for online donations is found here.

If you choose to contribute online, there are a few things we’re asking you to do:

1 – If you are purchasing a ticket online (to attend the event,) please make sure that you make a MINIMUM donation of $15 PER TICKET. For example, if you make an online donation of $25, it will cover one admission and provide an additional donation of $10 to the organization. Please print out your receipt and bring it with you to be admitted to the event…you may contact me via email to receive additional instructions if you do the online purchase option.

2 – Once you click “Donate Now” there is a link under the “Your Donation” section that says “Dedicate my donation to someone” Please click that link and enter “Creating Awesomenessity” HONEST DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT RECEIVING ANY FUNDS OR PAYMENT FROM THIS EVENT but we would like to keep track of how much each event/group raises for the organization and this will help to sort that information when the online funds are sent to Operation Shower.

We really need your support…the military will always need your support. No matter your political affiliation or stance, this is about supporting those who sacrifice and die on a daily basis for our country and our freedoms…and they need your support.


image from supportstore.com

Thanks again for being here, supporting the blog, and for supporting this event. Saying that I’m grateful for you only begins to express my feelings of having you be a part of my world 🙂

Donation website: http://www.razoo.com/story/Operation-Shower-Party-Support-Love

Operation Shower website: http://operationshower.org/about/our-mission/

My email for questions: creatingawesomenessity (at) gmail (dot) com

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Learning and Living

I saw this image last week on someone’s Facebook page and thought it would make the perfect Motivational Monday:


As I spoke with one of my dear friends yesterday, I reminded them that no matter the mistakes that we’ve made in our pasts, we still have a future to which we can look forward. As long as you’re above ground, you have another chance to make a difference and live the life you’re destined to live.  Don’t let past hurts, mistakes, or choices hold you back from your purpose and potential.

It’s up to you to push through and push on. Today is a new day. Learn from the mistakes of your past and use them to be wiser and more productive.

I have a tattoo of the Sankofa. It means to “learn from the mistakes of your past” and saying that I have a wealth of knowledge in that regard would be an understatement. People often ask “If you could go back and change your past, would you?” I used to say yes, but I know that every mistake I’ve made is a lesson learned, and I’m loving the person I am and am falling in love with the woman I will become.

Live, love, learn, and live some more…

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