Pom-Poms Make It Better

On the last Friday of March, I was privy to be the hostess for 4 teenage girls having a slumber party. Although my first unofficial-official party, I was a little nervous about whether or not the girls would enjoy the party and dessert station that was prepared for them. As everything was put together, I still felt that something was missing…so I grabbed the pom-poms that I’d made and fashioned out a pom chandelier! That made me feel a little better about throwing something together at the last minute 🙂

The birthday girl’s favorite colors were pink and purple, so we made sure to keep with her choice, albeit a small gathering. The party food consisted of three types of wings, homemade potato boats and my heavily-requested spinach dip. We all really like the spinach dip. The dessert station consisted of all things strawberry cake…single tier cake, cake pops, cupcakes…and sugar cookies.

While waiting for the sugar to kick in, I decided to show the girls how to make sugar scrubs, nothing complicated, just a very simple recipe that I found which consisted of only sugar and body wash. The girls were really excited to try it, so they picked out their favorite scent and got to mixing! Since it was just soap, it wasn’t a big deal for it to drip on the carpet…it probably needs a bath anyway… In addition to their personalized scrubs, the girls went home with their personalized gifts baskets, glittered nail files, pink and purple house slippers and loofah balls.

In the aftermath of getting hopped up on sugar from all sources, the girls and I played Just Dance 3 and Michael Jackson: The Experience on the Wii. Literally for hours. I must admit that although I’m still quite young at heart, the body knows the truth. My arms were on fire! But I did manage to tank my hubby’s score on Thriller with the help of a pre-teen. We played old school hand clapping games (think Down in the Valley and Concentration) at which I totally lost to the girls. But it was ok. I had fun and we all had a great time. As it was past my bedtime by this point, so I left the them to it and went to get a few winks of long, long overdue sleep before the continually busy weekend ahead…